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Family-owned Sasa’s Tree Care providing full-service landscaping design, lawn maintenance, hardscaping & tree services in Massachusetts area for over 20 years.

* Residential & Commercial.* 

Tree Cutting and Removal 

Safe, effective tree removal for the Natick, Massachusetts, area is what Sasa's Tree Care has excelled at since 1998. We have the best climbers in the area on our team. Our services are thorough and reasonably priced. We handle small and large jobs, and we accept insurance work. We welcome Commercial, Federal, Municipal, Property Owners, Residential and Rentals.

Tree Removal Services Include:

  • Hazardous or Problem Tree Removal

  • Storm Cleanup & Fallen Tree Removal

  • Tree Evaluation

  • Wood Chipping

  • Larger Wood Cut up & Left or Hauled Away Free of Charge​

Free Estimate & Fully Insured.

Free Estimate & Fully Insured.

Sasa's Tree Removal

Tree Pruning

For more than 20 years, Sasa’s Tree Care has provided the Natick, Massachusetts, area with meticulous tree pruning services. We tackle large and small jobs with quality workmanship at reasonable prices. For your convenience, we provide free estimates. We will provide professional tree trimming services to homes, apartments, rental property, and business complexes in Natick, Massachusetts and surrounding areas. Complete the estimate form for a FREE ESTIMATE!


Tree Pruning Services Include:

  • Tree Trimming & Dead Wooding

  • Wind Thinning

  • Ornamental Pruning

  • Tree Cabling & Bracing

  • Pruning Hedges & Shrubs

  • Wood Chipping​

Free Estimate & Fully Insured.


Land Clearing

Lot clearing, including tree removal, is essential for site preparation. It is the first step in the construction of any commercial or residential property and land development project. It is essential to remove trees, shrubs, bushes, and other obstacles when clearing land for a house, cottage, or other structure.

Free Estimate & Fully Insured.

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